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The museum features a permanent exhibit about the history of the city of Haarlem, as well as a regularly changing programme of temporary exhibitions highlighting artists from the Haarlem community or exhibitions about remarkable things about the city. You can start your visit with a film about the city of Haarlem as you overlook a model of the city that lights up to show you different places of historical interest.
The building the museum is located in also has a rich and diverse history, much like Haarlem itself. Originally, the building housed The St. Elisabeth Gasthuis, a hospital founded by an unknown Maecenas, dating back to 1597. Subsequently, the building had several other lives, including as the Haarlem Jazz Club before becoming Haarlem Museum in 1990. 


Haarlem Sports City

From November 25 until May 28, 2017
Amateur and professional sports in South-Kennemerland
Join us for a wonderful journey through the history of sports in Haarlem! Haarlem is a true sports city. For over 100 years, sports have been an indispensable part of life in Haarlem. Haarlemmers play sports or enjoy watching them on the stand. The city is well represented in every professional sport played in The Netherlands. That is why Museum Haarlem has decided is it high time to devote an exhibition dedicated to sports.

At the heart of Haarlem’s illustrious sporting history is sports pioneer Pim Mulier. As a 14-year-old boy he founded the Haarlem Football Club in 1879 and introduced many new sports to the region. In addition, the city boasts a Skating Club dating back to 1869, the Haarlemsche Lawn Tennis Club from 1885, the BATO Gymnastics Club from 1896, the Kennemer Golf & Country Club from 1910 and the Kinheim Baseball Association founded in 1935.
The exhibition focuses on Haarlem sports heroes including: Jaap Eden, Kick Smit, Yvonne van Gennip, Tom Okker, Claudia Zwiers and Dennis van der Geest. There is special and historical sports memorabilia to see, such as the soccer shirt Kick Smit wore when the Netherlands won its first World Cup in 1934, the first World Cup winning speed skates Jaap Eden wore in 1893, a hockey stick of hockey hero Floris Jan Bovelander, the golden World Cup cycling medal Gerard Peters won in 1946, a judo uniform from Dennis van der Geest and much more!


Museum Haarlem provides an environment where curiosity and creativity flourish. Educational and fun workshops for children are regularly organized. In the museum the kids can experience how life must have been as an orphan in Haarlem. In the Orphan Room they can dress up in period clothing of the time and even climb into a period bed!

Museum shop and café

Don’t forget to complete your day with a relaxing visit to the Museum's shop and café “Het Gasthuis”.

The museum is completely accessible for wheel chair users.
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